The simple answer, YES!  There are definite advantages to having a website AND social media sites (at least Facebook and Google+, but probably Twitter too).  With the website, anyone can find you — they don’t have to have a Facebook profile to find out all about you and your book(s).  And many people now use Facebook for nearly everything, especially the younger generation.  And you’ll find that your website, etc. will show up much higher in the Google searches if you also have a Google+ profile.  And none of these are difficult — or very costly — to get these days.

You can have a very small website (1-3 pages if fine) to sell your books and let readers know all about you and why they should purchase your books.  If you use something like WordPress (there are others that are fine as well; my personal preference is WordPress), you don’t have to install any software and you can find lots of training programs and/or learn a lot via YouTube videos, always a big plus!

As well, you’ll need a Facebook Fan Page (not just your personal page, but a true Fan Page) to market your books.  There’s a long list of reasons why you should do this, way too many to list in this short article, so you’ll have to take my word on it, but it is imperative that you do — even if you don’t really like Facebook.

Twitter has its pros and cons; one advantage to it is that after you build it, you can have everything you post on your Facebook Fan Page post automatically to Twitter so there’s no additional posting and time needed.  So, why not have a Twitter page?

As mentioned early in this article, having a Google+ page is recommended as well, even if you don’t do a whole lot with it after it’s built.  But Google’s search bots are impressed by those having a Google+ page and it’s said they help you in your Google search rankings.  I’ve seen and heard enough evidence that this is true so I recommend you take a little extra time to add a Google+ page as well.

Each of these Pages has definite advantages — advantages you need to help spread the word about you and your book(s).  And when trying to sell books, you want to take advantage of every possible trick!


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